Need a Ride?


Kim helping one of our members, Thelma White, get in the van after a hair appointment in Mariemont.


At $2 (suggested donation) per round trip anywhere in the villages, why drive?!

There’s lots of fear associated with giving up a car. Some of the negatives include losing independence and troubling family and neighbors with your agenda of errands. But the benefits include cost savings on car maintenance/repairs, insurance and tickets. Plus no more dealing with traffic and parking.

If you live in and around Mariemont, the best alternative to getting around in your own car is riding the MARIELDERS van. It’s as simple as calling the day ahead to get on the reservation list. The van shuttle goes anywhere within Fairfax, Mariemont, Madison Place, Plainville and Terrace Park. Kim is the van driver and is happy to pick you up at your door and drop you off at the bank, hair salon, medical/dental appointment, and shopping. Monday, Tuesday and Friday the van goes to Kroger and Walgreens (see the ‘clip and keep’ schedule below). Walmart shopping is scheduled on Thursday afternoons.

If you have a medical appointment outside of our service area, a staff of volunteer drivers is able to take you, wait with you, and bring you home. Maybe you have to give up driving temporarily, for medical reasons or while your car is being repaired. We’re here for you then, too.

We are so fortunate to live in a community that makes life a lot nicer for our elders. We invite you to make use of our safe and dependable MARIELDERS shuttle van service. By calling 271-5588.

We respectfully request 24 hours advance reservation to ensure a spot on our next day’s schedule.


1-Hair salon2

Kim walking Thelma to her house after her hair appointment.


     1-Hair Salon


MARIELDERS 271-5588 Van Schedule for

Kroger/Walgreens: Monday pick-up 10:45(ish) return home noon   Tuesday pick-up 12:45(ish) return home 1:45 and 2:30 Friday pick-up 9:30(ish) return 10:30

Walmart: Thursday pick-up 12:30(ish) return 2:00.

 What our Members say about it!

Thelma White has been a member of the MARIELDERS community for 25 years. She moved to Cincinnati from Kentucky forty years ago because there where jobs in Cincinnati. Thelma describes the MARIELDERS center as wonderful. She says that Kim Flick, is a good driver that can be trusted.  As she gets older, she does not like to drive very far so it is nice to have someone to call when she needs to go to the hair salon, or to a doctors appointment. In her own words, ” it is worth more than money.” Being a part of the MARIELDERS center has made her life smoother as she has gotten older.

Delores Tate says that the MARIELDERS  van “always picks me up and drops me off on time. They provide transportation whenever I need to go anywhere in addition to my regular scheduled transportation runs. They are always courteous, patient, helpful and professional. They are always willing to go the extra mile.” Delores uses the word essential to describe the MARIELDERS community. Her favorite activity is exercise.  Being a part of the of MARIELDERS community has helped her continue to maintain her independence and interact with wonderful people. She enjoys the fun and educational activities that happen around the center.

Delores volunteers as our secretary on Friday mornings and helps with  many of the events that go on at the MARIELDERS center.


Delores working at the front desk.