Meet our Members!!!

We asked our members to do a small interview with us telling us how they felt about the MARIELDERS  community. We asked four questions and then asked them to share a little about their lives.

Barbara Lee Hampton

Barb Hampton y1-001                           DSCN0013                    Barb hampton2-001

                         Barb (35)                                                                                  Barb with her late mom                                               Barb today

  Barb became a member of the MARIELDERS when her mom, who was a member, became sick and needed help getting around. One of the places she liked to come was the MARIELDERS and so Barb came with her. It was not long before Barb began to enjoy being around the other members and playing cards. After her mom died, she continued to be a member, and is now responsible for our Bridge group on Friday’s. She has also been a wonderful companion and friend to some of our other members. In fact, she met one of her best friends Pat through the MARIELDERS.

Barb grew up in Mariemont and graduated from Mariemont  High School class of 1960. She has returned to Mariemont because as she gets older she wants to maintain her independence, and it is possible to walk almost everywhere in the village.  The MARIELDERS also has a van service and so it is comforting to know that when Barb stops driving she can still be taken to get her groceries and get to appointments.

The one word that Barb would use to describe the MARIELDERS is friendly.  She says the MARIELDERS is a safe place for her. As she has spent more time here, she sees the staff as friends that can be counted on both in good and bad times. The MARIELDERS center also helped her not feel so alone after she lost her husband and became a widow.

Carol Olberding

20160308_125930-001                                                                              Carol-001

Carol (35) riding a camel in Egypt                                                                             Carol today

In the above picture taken in Egypt, Carol was travelling through Egypt, Israel and  the Greek Islands with some of her best friends. She has also been to Ireland to name a few of the places she has travelled to. As someone who has seen other parts of the world, Carol is able to share her stories with us at the MARIELDERS and adds valuable input when we are learning about other countries and cultures.

Carol volunteers at our front desk on Tuesday afternoons and helps out with activities and events. She has been available to help our other members out by giving them rides and visiting them in hospital and nursing homes. When asked what word best describes the MARIELDERS center, she said friendly. Her favorite activity is Canasta.  She says that she enjoys meeting new people at the MARIELDERS and making new friends. She also enjoys some of the happenings at the center.

Rita Zimmerman

  1-Rita 3                                  1-Rita                1-1-rita now

Rita (42)                                                                                 Rita with her daughter Karen Back                                             Rita today

Rita became involved with the MARIELDERS community when she started as a volunteer driver,  helping  members get to important appointments. “You get to meet some interesting people when you drive,” she says.  It is a good way to volunteer and she enjoys helping people get around. She then began to work our front desk as a receptionist  on Thursdays which is something she still does. The more time she spends at the MARIELDERS center, the more friends she makes and the more activities she becomes involved in. She really enjoys going to museums, concerts and shows through the MARIELDERS.  Her favorite activity is Lunch Bunch because she likes trying new restaurants and cuisines with fellow members. The MARIELDERS center has greatly enriched her life. She is enjoying retirement in part because of her active involvement at the center.

Barbara Wilder

1-Barb w 3                                                                 1-Barb w 1

Barb with her Granddaughter last year                                                                                     Barb today

Barb moved to Cincinnati a few years ago to be closer to her children and grandchildren. Barb has been a member of the MARIELDERS for the past six years and is one of our trusted volunteers. She always helps with the clean up after events, and she works all of our fundraising events.  She never has to be told what to do, or given instructions, she knows how to help and does it without a word.  She is a tremendous  asset to the MARIELDERS community. Her favorite activities are our in house lunches, and coming to listen to guest speakers when they come for our Coffee talks.  She enjoys learning about new things and new places. The one word she would use to describe the MARIELDERS community is friendly. In her own words she calls it, ” a small friendly place.” She says that one of the reasons why she became a member was to help support our transportation program because she recognizes it is a valuable thing.  One of her favorite things is to find things at our annual junk sale. She has made friends here and enjoys being a part of this community.

Ruby Meyo

1-Ruby 1                                                   1-1-Ruby

Ruby at 50                                                                                                 Ruby today

Ruby has been a member of the Mariemont community for many years,  and a member of the MARIELDERS community for about 11 years. Ruby plays both Canasta and Maj Jongg at the MARIELDERS center. She is a fun and lively addition to our community. When asked what word she would use to describe the MARIELDERS community, she said interesting in terms of the activities offered.  She has not had to take advantage of our transportation system because she has been fortunate enough to be able to drive herself. Her favorite activity at the MARIELDERS is Maj Jongg. She says that the MARIELDERS center is important  to the local communities because it provides a place that offers a wide array of activities for the elderly.