From the Cat Box August

From the Cat Box

(yawn, stretch, purrrrr)

This is the part of summer that is the ickiest, stickiest and trickiest. But don’t curl up in front of the air conditioning vent! Come over to the MARIELDERS and turn these Dog Days in to cool summer fun. Art class is definitely cool. Or chill out with some new friends and enjoy an afternoon film, or expand your mind with TED Talks.

There are two chances to check out the Artworks murals around town in the comfort of our air conditioned van. The van is also cruising down to Lunken Farmers Market, which is the perfect time to pick out some of the seasons’ best fruits and veggies.

So don’t make like a cat on a hot tin roof! Be a cool kitty and slip into something comfortable, like the MARIELDERS Senior Center.

Meow for now, M.E.