From the Cat Box


(yawn, stretch, purrrrr)

Did you hear, THE MARIELDERS are moving!?! We’re finding lots of ways to keep active; walking club, Tai Chi, yoga, exercise class. We’ve even found a way to improve blood pressure and cognitive function through drumming classes with Health Rhythms. I see a spring in the step of all of the members who jump in with all paws – I mean hands and feet – and get active with these great programs. As a cat, it’s my responsibility to model calm, stress-free napping and hiding in dark spaces. But that’s stuff you can do at home.

Check this out… coming up in June we’re headed to the Reds /Cardinals game on June 8th.   Great seats and transportation included for $20. If you want to come along, give us a holler by June 1st. Get those Cardinals…MEOW!

The best rummage sale this side of Catskill Mountains is fast approaching. The annual MARIELDERS Junque Sale is June 17th. Get in those closets, empty out that garage and dig through the garden shed to find lots of useable items to donate to the senior center that’s been going strong for 40 years. That’s more than five of my nine lives! Then come to the sale and buy some new Junque!

Meow for now, M.E.