From the Cat Box

(yawn, stretch, purrrrr)

So, word on the street is ‘THE MARIELDERS has been around for 40 YEARS’!!!  That’s four decades of friendships and fun times!  If you’ve been thinking about giving us a try, but aren’t sure how to get your feet wet, here are a few suggestions from M.E. the cat:

Join us at the National Exemplar for brunch on Monday, September 18th.  Call the MARIELDERS and our volunteer receptionist will get you on the reservation list.   Or, why not sit in on a members meeting – first Tuesday of each month.  We also have the brown bag lunch.  Pack a PB&J (or sardines and saltines for me), pull up a chair in the café and gab with some fine folks any day.  Maybe try Tai-Chi, or swing by and pick up the novel for book group and join the discussion on the scheduled date.  Just so you know, you do not have to become a member to join an activity.  People come from neighborhoods all around – because we know how to enjoy life.

There are various groups in and out of here every day.  Try us a few different times.  You’re sure to find like-minded, kind and interesting people and one really groovy cat.

Meow for now, M.E.