From the Cat Box

I did drumming last month. It was so much fun!!!

(yawn, stretch, purrrrr)

Here’s July! The sound of all those fireworks makes me run for cover under the boss’s desk.   Actually, I AM the boss, right? Cats rule!

Summer is on the move and since I’m in charge, I say we all spend more time outdoors with friends. Here’s what’s on tap: Walking Club – early in the day to beat the heat. Let’s add a stroll through the Cincinnati Nature Center – that’s nice and shady and plenty of critters to jitter your whiskers at!   We’ll have a brown bag lunch with your friends at The MariElders Center and let’s also have a good old fashioned cook out. I’ll have a brat, medium well, hold the mustard.  MEOW!!!   Check the calendar to get those dates and times.

Plus you can keep limber with Tai Chi, Yoga and Exercise Club. Remember, “motion is lotion” and movement makes us feel so much better – not just our muscles and joints, but friendships make you smile inside and out.   Stay hydrated and keep the beat in the summer heat at The MariElders. Don’t forget to say “hey kitty” to the C.E.O. (Cat Executive Officer).

Meow for now, M.E.