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7/12/17- Trip to the Art Museum and the Tiffany Show

This month for our Thursday book club, we read Clara and Mr. Tiffany by Susan Vreeland in preparation for going to the Cincinnati Art Museum to see the Tiffany glass show. The combination of reading a historical fiction about how Tiffany created his beautiful glass and seeing it on display was a wonderful experience. Our members really enjoyed this trip and learnt a lot.



6/8/17- Red’s Game

The MARIELDERS went to watch the Red’s play the Cardinals and win big!! It was a lot of fun and everyone had a good time!



6/2/17- Transportation Trip

This has been one of our most exciting trips this year. A group of MARIELDERS took the metro bus downtown and than took the street car to Findley Market to have lunch. This was a great way to explore the public transportation system in this city and to navigate getting around without a car. It was a beautiful day and everyone really enjoyed it. We hope to repeat it in the future.



5/17/17-  French Rendev-vous

Spring quickly turned to summer and we took a trip to the French Rendez-vous which is a charming and lovely French store in Madisonville. Everyone had a wonderful time eating Croissants and sitting outside on a beautiful summer day.


  5/15/17- Cookout

We had a cookout this month with all the food you would expect at a fun good old fashioned Barbeque.




5/3/17- Trip to the Bon Bonnerie

We began May with a delightful trip to the Bon Bonnerie which made everyone happy!



The MARIELDERS is proud to be doing HealthRythms which is a form of drumming that is both fun and therapeutic. Studies have proven that drumming improves coordination and mental cognition. Our members really enjoyed the first session and are looking forward to the second session on May 19th.




4/27/17- Walking Club

We have started up our walking club again and encourage anyone and everyone to join us as we get exercise and fresh air!



On Friday the 17th of February, the MARIELDERS went to the Freedom Center and had a wonderful tour and time. It was a beautiful day and the Ohio river looked spectacular from the overlook at the Freedom Center. Our members learned all about Historical slavery and modern day slavery. It was interesting for many of them to learn about the Freedom center and it’s strategic place in Cincinnati!



Art Class- Every Thursday through March 2017

The  Barn ( Women’s art club of Cincinnati) has been providing art classes for our members at the MARIELDERS and the members love it! David Laug comes every Thursday and teaches sketching, drawing and some water color. This is proving to be one of our most popular activities and we want to thank the Barn and David Laug for that!



Lunch with Doug- The fourth Monday of the month 2017 through April.

Doug Siles, a caterer and chef, is kind enough to come in on the fourth Monday of the month and cook a wonderful meal for our members. In January we had the full thanksgiving meal in honor of our theme for that month which was American culture. The food was delicious and everyone enjoyed it a lot.


01/11/2017- Trip to the Taft Museum

The MARIELDERS started this year by focusing in on the best and brightest aspects of American culture. We took a trip down to the Taft to see the Picturing the West show which had stunning examples of early American photography.  It was an informative and fun trip!


11/10/16 Pie in the Sky High Tea

The Mariemont Pre school parents group came over and had tea at the MARIELDERS. Everyone had a good time and had much tea, hot chocolate and pie.

1-preschool-high-tea-6              1-preschool-high-tea-8                          1-preschool-high-tea3

     1-preschool-tea1                   1-peschool-high-tea-4


The MARIELDERS center celebrated Halloween by visiting Wonderland and paying tribute to Lewis Caroll’s beloved classic, Alice in Wonderland. Members came dressed up in a costume or sported their favorite hat for the Mad Hatter high tea. Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire cat and the Queen of Hearts all made an appearance.  As always we had wonderful goodies to eat and delightful tea.

     1-img_03331           1-img_03361               1-img_03371 

1-mater-8                      1-mad-hater-6                            1-mad-hater-4


The MARIELDERS took a B&B riverboat cruise that everyone enjoyed. The weather was good, the breeze was refreshing and the food was good.

1-20160909_125913       1-20160909_130841       1-20160909_130846              1-20160909_131443               1-20160909_131500


08/ 8/16 CONEY ISLAND Trip

The MARIELDERS took a trip to Coney Island to go swimming and enjoy hanging out by the pool on a beautiful summer day. The water was nice, the sky was blue and everyone had a wonderful time. This just goes to show that Coney Island is not just for the young, but for those who are young at heart. Here at the MARIELDERS we encourage all sorts of activities and events because we believe that age is an attitude.

1-Coney3         1-Coney 5                    1-Coney 1


Yoga anyone?

MARIELDERS is doing a class at Worthy Yoga  on every other Thursday at 11:00am. This is a fun way for our members to stay healthy and maintain balance. Our members are really enjoying this class. The MARIELDERS package is $40.00 for six classes. It is $14.00 to do a walk in class, but for seniors it is $11.00. Check the above calendar and if you are available come at 11:00am and join us!

1-1-yoga3          yoga 5         1-1-yoga2


Nonfiction Book Club- The MARIELDERS is starting a new book  in our nonfiction book club for July. We will be reading That Used to Be Us, by Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum.  This book explores how America has fallen behind in the World and what can be done to improve America. Nonfiction book club meets the last Wednesday of the month at 10:00am


At the beginning of June, the MARIELDERS planted its very own herb garden in pots to, not only add beauty to the center, but to also use the herbs in our in house meals. Members are free to come by and take herbs for their personal use this summer.


1-20160705_141230-001               1-20160705_141143


1-20160705_140950                  1-20160705_141133-001


08/1/16- Walking through Mariemont. – The MARIELDERS walking club does not just walk, we have fun wherever we go! Come and join us!!!

1-Walking 6                   1-Walking 11

1-walking 7                                      1-Walking club 2

8/4/16- Reds Game

The MARIELDERS went to a ball game and watched the Reds beat the Cardinals in a shut out. It was fun!

1-Reds 2    1-Reds 3    1-Reds 4   1-Reds1



08/15/16- Birthday Celebrations

One of our members celebrated her 79th Birthday yesterday at the MARIELDERS. Martha Novak comes on Monday’s to play Canasta and was kind enough to share her special day with us. We had a lot of fun eating delicious Servatti’s Cheese Cake.

1-Martha 3                    1-Martha2                 1-Martha 5


MARIELDERS will be walking to Cleveland this Summer.

We will collect miles as a group every time we walk at walking club, or out on an activity, until  we make up the 102. 4 miles to Columbus. Join us this Spring and Summer as we walk to Columbus as a group that supports and encourages each other in getting regular exercise and fresh air!


4/29/16 Nature Center Trip

MARIELDERS took another trip to the Nature center on a beautiful spring day as part of our “Walking” to Columbus project. We clocked 2.36 miles each and had a wonderful time. The MARIELDERS has collected 32 miles out of the 102 miles to Columbus. Good job MARIELDERS!!!!

  1-Nature center 3              1-Nature center 2             1-Nature center 8                     1-Nature center 12

1-Nature center 4    1-Nature center 10      1-Nature center15